Atlantic Air Tool Pneumatic Compression Riveting Tools and Accessories are designed, tooled, and manufactured under strict quality control insuring precision and unequaled performance. All Portable Pneumatic Tools are equipped with Safety Backheads.


  • 1982 - Developed no hole feathering valve for models 30 and 60 rivet squeezers and their equivalent tools.
  • 1983 - Designed and manufactured first triple cylinder (90A). First squeeze riveter to weigh less than 8 pounds and produce 9000 psi (90A-A15HD).
  • 1983 - Designed and manufactured heavy duty bearings for 90A. Can also be used in 30 and 60 model rivet squeezers and their equivalent.
  • 1989 - First 12 inch reach bench riveter.
  • 1996 - First with available heavy duty bearing in 30C and 60C riveters.
  • 1997 - First 18 inch bench riveter.
  • 1999 - First squeeze riveter convertible from alligator type to "C" unit type utilizing the same wedge (Model 444 squeeze riveter).
  • 1999 - First riveter with swivel cylinder head (Model 444).
  • 1999 - First riveter in alligator type and "C" unit type utilizing the same roller bearings (Model 444 squeeze riveter).

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